Washington Transportation Electrification Strategy (TES)

The Washington EV Council has been tasked with creating a statewide Transportation Electrification Strategy (TES) and ensuring that electric vehicle incentives and infrastructure are accessible and available to all Washingtonians.

Over the next several months, we will be gathering input from a wide range of Washington residents—drivers and non-drivers, members of communities large and small—who represent the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives that make up our evergreen state.

Commerce will release the draft TES for public comment in early October 2023, and the final draft will be submitted to the Washington State Legislature by December 31, 2023. Stay tuned for additional information about the public comment period in the upcoming weeks.

Person plugging in electric vehicle to charge

What Does this Process Look Like?


Public input and feedback have been requested throughout strategy development. Early in 2023, we began gathering community input and feedback to identify and confirm which broad actions and goals should be prioritized in the TES. This summer, we examined these priorities, identified what was missing and addressed those gaps. We also hosted a series of policy-focused task force meetings and equity workshops to inform the draft strategies.

Public involvement opportunities were designed and promoted to include a broad range of Washingtonians. Events were tailored to specific geographies, community sectors, and demographics to make sure that under-represented viewpoints are considered and addressed.

The draft TES will be released for public comment in early October, and the IEVCC will host a public comment session on October 11 from 2-4pm.

How Can I Get Involved?

The EV Council website has information about upcoming meetings of both the Council itself and its Advisory Committee. There you can also find recordings, slide presentations, and other materials from past meetings.

Subscribe to the EV Council listserv to get connected and identify ways that transportation electrification can make your community better by improving access and safety for cyclists and pedestrians, protecting air and water quality, minimizing traffic noise and fumes, and reducing the overall cost of transportation for everyone.

Engage in the public comment period to inform the IEVCC. The draft TES will open to public comment in early October. We encourage wide participation to ensure the strategy reflects the needs and preferences of all Washingtonians. Public feedback will inform revisions to the strategy before the final draft is submitted to the Legislature. This site will be updated in early October with a link to download the draft strategy and upload public comments.

Note: In-language and other accessible participation options may be available for some events. Please contact the TES engagement team at EVCouncilFeedback@CascadiaConsulting.com to learn more.

Member Agencies


  • EV Council Advisory Committee
  • TES Working Groups




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