Revolving Loan Fund: Grants to Non-profit Lenders

Through the Clean Energy Fund, Commerce provides grants to non-profit lenders who connect small businesses, non-profits, multi-family building owners, and homeowners with low-cost financing for clean energy projects. Grants provided through this program provide revolving loan funds that help to reduce risk and provide inexpensive capital for underserved markets to deploy clean energy projects.
Solar panel installation

The revolving nature of the fund allows it to be utilized many times over. By connecting clean energy projects with innovative financing, Washington can accelerate market expansion and unlock opportunities for underserved markets to participate in the green economy while avoiding unmanageable debt. Historically, every $1 invested in this program is leveraged by $6 or more while supporting over 5,000 energy projects across the state.

Project grantees to date include:

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Gerardo Gonzalez Gomez
Grant Program Manager

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