The Clean Energy Fund (CEF) program funds the development, demonstration and deployment of clean energy technology.  Established in 2013, Gov. Inslee has continued to champion the fund, and the legislature again invested capital budget in these grant programs. Program development and deployment is currently underway. Guidelines and dates of application periods for each program is posted as available.

Grid Modernization Program

Vector illustration of modern green eco business office building with green trees and electric car charging in front of the workplace in cartoon style. Solar panels and wind turbines are int the background.

This program is for public and private electrical utilities serving Washington customers. Utilities can partner with other public and private sector research organizations and businesses to apply for funding.

Visit webpage: Energy Grid Modernization

Electrification of Transportation Systems (ETS) Program

Program updates coming in early 2019.

This program provides grants to Washington State local governments and retail electric utilities for charging infrastructure.

Visit webpage: Electrification of Transportation

Research, Development and Demonstration Program

This program is to provide match for federal and non-state funds for strategic research and development projects on new and emerging technologies.

Visit webpage: Energy RD&D

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program

This grant program will provide funding to reduce greenhouse gases. The program will be available to Counties with a population of less than 300,000. This is under development and we anticipate it to be available in early May 2019.

Priorities will be given to projects that:

  • When fully deployed will reduce emissions by a minimum of 750,000 tons per year
  • Increase energy efficiencies
  • Protect or create manufacturing jobs

Grants to Nonprofit Lenders

Revolving Loan Fund grants show that a modest public investment can promote private investment. This drives economic activity and jobs for Washingtonians and helps our state lead the nation in energy efficiency.

Visit webpage: Energy Revolving Loan Fund

Solar Deployment Program

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This is for Washington-based entities developing solar generating projects in Washington state. 

Visit webpage: Solar Deployment Program

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Questions on the Clean Energy Fund?

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