Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA)

Wind Turbines. The Windy Point/Windy Flats project is one of the largest wind farms in Goldendale, Washington. Construction of 400 of the 500 MW was completed by the end of 2009.
Commerce has adopted comprehensive reporting procedures for consumer-owned utilities, including public utilities, municipal electrical utilities, and electric cooperatives. These utilities must submit clean energy implementation plans every four years, and all utilities must submit progress or compliance reports.
Commerce’s rules apply to consumer-owned utilities, including public utility districts, municipal electric utilities, and electric cooperatives. In most cases, they do not apply to investor-owned utilities, who are subject to regulation by Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC). The departments of Health and Ecology also have rulemaking authority.
Additional rulemaking activity in 2021 and 2022 will consider possible rules governing electricity storage, accounting for transactions in electricity markets, and prevention of double counting of renewable energy credits. Commerce is working with the UTC in developing these rules.   

Rulemaking schedule

Commerce and UTC working on draft rule language

Commerce and the UTC have announced a recess from public workshops to jointly draft rules concerning electricity storage, double counting of renewable energy credits, and electricity markets accounting. The agencies will jointly notify stakeholders of further updates to the rulemaking schedule through their respective bulletins. You may sign up for Commerce’s bulletin under “sign up for email updates.” 

Past workshop materials

Materials from past meetings can be found by clicking on the PDF link below:

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