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The Clean Buildings bill (Chapter 285, Laws of 2019) was signed into law on May 7, 2019. The objective is to lower energy costs and reduce pollution from fossil fuel consumption in the state’s existing buildings, especially large commercial buildings. The Standard and incentive program is administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

The Standard applies to large non-residential, hotel, motel, and dormitory buildings greater than 50,000 gross square feet, excluding the parking garage area. Large multifamily residential buildings are exempt from mandatory requirements of the Standard but are eligible for the Early Adopter Incentive Program.

Mandatory compliance dates are based on building size.

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Parcel List

Commerce has identified parcels containing a building or a portion of a building, that may be subject to the Standard or possibly eligible for the Early Adopter Incentive Program. Please review the list to verify that your parcel contains a building(s) or a portion of a building.

This list consists of tax assessor parcel IDs and Commerce assigned building IDs. It was generated using records obtained from each county assessor and other available information sources. Commerce is currently performing a quality assurance audit on the list of buildings, to check for duplication and address confirmation and remove buildings that may not be subject to the Standard.

By conducting quality assurance, we save taxpayers’ money on printing and mailing costs. Commerce will mail notification letters to building owners after the audit has been completed. Multifamily buildings may not receive letters, as they are not subject to the Standard. Progress updates on the notification letter are shown below, and will be updated every two weeks.

Notification Letter Progress Updates

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Next Steps

If your parcel contains a building(s) or portions of a building over 50,000 gross square feet, your building(s) may be subject to the state’s Standard

1) Learn more about the Standard by watching Commerce’s Clean Buildings 101 or the WSU RCM Webinar: Efficiency through the Clean Buildings Performance Standard. Also, visit the How to Comply page of Commerce’s Clean Buildings website.

2) Visit Commerce’s Early Adopter Incentive Program webpage if you are interested in applying for incentive funds. The webpage contains program guidelines and information regarding the application process.

3) Subscribe to Commerce’s Clean Buildings Initiative Bulletin to keep up-to-date on news regarding building owner notification and the Early Adopter Incentive Program.

4) Follow the instructions included in your building owner notification letter when it comes in the mail. The letter will include information on how to access the Clean Buildings Portal. The Portal is where you will submit compliance information, and apply for the Early Adopter Incentive Program.

5) Submit any questions you may have using the Customer Support Form.

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