What’s happening in the Energy Division – November 2018

  • November 6, 2018

Update on the Clean Energy Fund (CEF) RD&D Program

Applicants were notified of their Phase 2 eligibility on Oct. 9. They have until Nov. 3 to submit their full application. Information on the program is on the RD&D webpage.

Update on the CEF Grid Modernization Program

The Grid Modernization concepts were due Oct. 15.  Eleven projects were submitted. Eligible applicants were notified Oct. 30 and full applications are due on Dec. 28.

Apply NOW for Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants for Public Agencies

This program was opened for applicants on Sept. 13. The application period closes Dec. 31. There are two separate grant lines -$7,129,500 for energy efficiency projects and $1,697,500 for solar energy projects. The Notice of Funding Opportunity was updated on Oct, 5.

Fuel Mix Disclosure

The 2017 fuel mix disclosure data was sent to utilities for review in September. We will publish the final data and report in November and posted it on the website.

CEF Solar Deployment

The Solar Deployment program in the CEF is new this year. The Notice of Funding Opportunity went live on Nov. 6. Applications are due Dec. 3. Grants will be awarded for deployment of solar projects located in Washington state. Priority will be given to distribution side projects that reduce peak electricity demand. Projects must be capable of generating at least 500 kW of direct current generating capacity. More information is on the solar page.

Project profiles for Clean Energy Fund projects

At CEF project close, we ask grantees to produce a project profile for the work that was funded. Part of the profile are the challenges and successes they encountered during the work. These can be found on the Clean Energy Fund page and on the Grid Modernization page.


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