Renewable and Conservation Project Review under I-937

May 8, 2018|Energy Blog

The Energy Office provides advisory opinions on renewable or conservation projects to see if they meet the law requirements under the Energy Independence Act of 2006. Utilities and project developers can find out if a renewable or conservation project meets the targets by applying for a review.

Currently there are six pending solar applications posted on our advisory page.
Comments on these applications should be submitted by May 11, 2018.

OR Solar 3, LLC
OR Solar 5, LLC
OR Solar 6, LLC
OR Solar 8, LLC
Chiloquin Solar LLC
Tumbleweed Solar LLC

The Energy Independence Act (EIA) requires utilities serving at least 25,000 retail customers to use renewable resources and undertake cost-effective energy conservation.

Our office also issues advisory opinions for renewable projects that want a “Washington eligible” indicator on their renewable energy credits. This process is described on our WREGIS web page.

Entities proposing to sell renewable energy or credits to an investor-owned utility may request a declaratory order from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC).


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