CEF Project Highlight – Horn Rapids Solar, Storage & Training Project in Richland

Funded in part by a $3 million grant from the Washington State Clean Energy Fund, Energy Northwest has powered up its Horn Rapids Solar, Storage & Training Project in Richland. This project provides Washington state its first opportunity to integrate a utility-scale solar and storage facility. The facility combines solar generation with battery storage and technician training.

The 20-acre project provides 4 megawatts of direct-current electricity — enough energy to power 600 homes. In addition, the 1-megawatt battery energy storage system can provide energy to 150 homes for four hours.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will monitor and analyze data from the project to evaluate the financial benefits of the battery. This will help develop improved battery designs and advanced tools for forecasting load, price, and solar in-feed.

Watch a time-lapse video of Horn Rapids Solar, Storage & Training Project construction below.

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