Social Equity in Cannabis: Technical Assistance Mentor Program

The Department of Commerce is initiating this Request for Proposals (RFP) to create a roster of Mentors, including one Facilitator, for the Social Equity in Cannabis: Technical Assistance Mentorship Program. Applicants to this RFP will provide a variety of support services to program participants from disproportionately impacted areas, or people and communities who have been deeply impacted by high poverty and enforcement of cannabis prohibition who are interested in starting cannabis business enterprises.

Please see the SEICTAMP2022 RFP Program Information and Application (PDF) document for complete information and use the Application only files to complete your application.

Commerce is seeking Contractors who have expertise in the following fields:

  • Accounting Professionals
  • Cannabis Business Experts
  • Financing / Fundraising / Venture Capital Specialist
  • Legal Professional
  • Real Estate professionals
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Security Professionals
  • Social Equity
  • Tax Professionals
  • Traceability
  • Other applicable professional fields not listed

The Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force was formed in 2020 in accordance to HB 2870, allowing approximately 41 additional cannabis retail licenses to be issued for social equity purposes. Commerce is responsible for creating the Social Equity in Cannabis: Technical Assistance Mentorship Program to assist applicants who qualify to receive those licenses.

General applicants for the Social Equity licenses and the selected Social Equity Applicant (SEA) criteria will have access to individual mentorship time, learning experiences, and events with Mentors selected from this RFP. Contracted Mentors will provide services from January 2023 through June 2023.

In Phase I, tentatively from January to March 2023, Contracted Mentors will work with the generalized applicant pool applying to SEAs.

In Phase II, when SEAs are selected for the program, Contracted Mentors will work with a cohort of approximately 41 SEA mentees till June 30, 2023. Final selection of SEA mentees is anticipated to occur in February or March 2023. Material and training development is expected to begin at the start of the contract period for Mentors selected through this RFP to provide support through all Phases.

The following Scope of Work is expected of Contracted Mentors and will be negotiated during contracting based on program needs:

  • All Mentors will produce or provide a minimum of 2, up to 6, learning experiences or materials:
    • Experiences can be designed any way the Mentor prefers, such as; fieldtrip, panel, workshop or class, coursework, or physical material, to best support knowledge transfer of the chosen topic/s.
    • Mentors will coordinate with Commerce in advance of learning experience to prevent overlap with other mentorship programming.
    • Mentors must provide Commerce with an outline containing: content details, target participant outcomes, number of participants registered or anticipated – this shall also be included in monthly report to Commerce preceding workshop.
    • All content should be recordable or accessible in a way that can be uploaded to Commerce’s website for statewide SEA cohort viewing
  • All Mentors should have the ability to provide “office” hours to general applicants and the SEA cohort in both Phases of the Mentorship Program on specific topics
  • All Mentors will provide in-depth 1:1 time or group consulting for a selected cohort of SEA mentees (approximately 1 to 5 depending on the amount of contracts awarded from this RFP) based on identified needs of mentees in Phase II of the Mentorship Program. In Phase I, for general applicants, Mentors should have reasonable availability to assist as needed.
  • All Mentors will provide Monthly Progress Reports to the Commerce Contract Manager

In addition to the mentor roster, Commerce is seeking to contract a Facilitator. The Facilitator will be expected to organize the Mentors contracted through this RFP, general applicants, and the select SEA cohort to convene for in-person or hybrid events to connect and share resources, learn from all other Mentors via 1:1 speed mentoring space, and potentially host mentor created events.

Three events shall be planned and facilitated by the selected Facilitator contractor: a January Kick-off Event, a Mentor and Mentee Convening, and a June Cohort Close-out Event. These events should focus on providing resources, networking, hands-on learning, or the chance for individualized support. A detailed strategy and plan for each facilitated event shall be included in a report to Commerce before the event

OEDC hosted a Live Q&A on November 2, 2022 (Passcode:%!S4$AtC).

Download the application files on Box

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