Matching grants available for federal broadband infrastructure financing opportunities

Important funding updates from the Washington State Broadband Office

Matching Grant application changes

There is approximately $ 25 million set-aside for Matching Grant applications. This is an “open cycle” on a first come, first serve basis, until funds are exhausted. There is a maximum $5 million dollar million or 25 percent of the federal grant amount sought, whichever is less.

Eligible projects: eligible entities applying for federal broadband infrastructure funding. Examples include, but are not limited to, funding opportunities by:

  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
  • USDA ReConnect
  • Economic Development Administration

Awards for matching funds are contingent upon the applicant successfully securing the federal grant award sought.

WSBO Matching Grants for federal funding applications can be submitted anytime, until funds are exhausted.

Eligible applicants:

Local governments
Federally recognized Tribes
Nonprofit organizations and nonprofit cooperative organizations
Public-private partnerships

Learn more and apply for WSBO Matching funds via ZoomGrants

WSBO 21-23 Matching Guidelines

Limited grant writing resources available

The Washington State Broadband Office has limited resources available to assist applicants seeking federal broadband funding, with priority given to applicants with low or no organizational capacity for grant writing and who are seeking ReConnect funding with state matching grants.

Please contact the Broadband Office no later than Friday, Nov. 19 with a description of the proposed project area and a visual representation such as a GIS Shapefile (.shp).

Projects that have received funding from our partners at the Public Works Board or the Community Economic Revitalization Board for a related project are encouraged to contact us to discuss grant writing options.

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