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Public Works Board member Erik Martin and Executive Director Cecilia Gardener speak to the House Local Government Committee about local infrastructure needs. Watch the video here.

The next meeting of the Public Works Board will be Friday, March 1, 2019. More information can be found on our Board Page.

The 2019 Calendar of Meeting Dates for the Public Works Board can be viewed here.

The Public Works Board’s draft strategic plan is now available.

The Public Works Board 2018 Legislative Report has been submitted.

The Sync 2018 Legislative Report has been submitted. You can also view the Executive Summary.

Click here to view the Sync Capital Project Survey, and provide your input today!

Sync is accepting feedback on our Introductory Guide to Value Planning. Please review and tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and how we can make it more functional for use in your community. Please direct feedback to Jason Freeze at (360) 725-3161 or

The 2018 Loan Awards List is can be viewed by clicking here.

At their October 5, 2018 meeting, the Public Works Board approved $3.5 million in pre-construction and emergency loans to 7 Washington communities in need. Read more here.

At their August 3, 2018 meeting, the Public Works Board approved over $5.4 million in Pre-Construction loans to communities in need. Read more here.

April 13, 2018, The Washington State Public Works Board approved 12 cities and counties for approximately $6 million in pre-construction loans for 2018. This is the first time in five years the Board has had funding from the state Legislature to issue loans. (PDF)

Chair Scott Hutsell signs the loan list on April 13, 2018. Behind him, from left to right, Board Members Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, Diane Pottinger, KC Kuykendall, Pam Carter, and Bill Ramos.

January 16, 2018, Chair Scott Hutsell and Executive Director Cecilia Gardener spoke at the House Capital Budget Committee Work Session on the Public Works Board and Sync. View video here. View presentation here. (PDF)

10/31/2017, Chair Scott Hutsell and Executive Director Cecilia Gardener spoke to the Infrastructure and Public Depository Task Force. View Video here.

September 11, 2017, “Infrastructure Funding… Still in the News: How does a District address significant infrastructure needs, against dwindling infrastructure financing, with the least impact to our ratepayers?” Article by Diane Pottinger, Public Works Board Member

May 4, 2017, View May 4, 2017 Infrastructure Funding Programs Webinar here. Download PowerPoint from May 4, 2017 Infrastructure Funding Programs Webinar, including links to funders. (PDF)

PWeB, our online contracts database, has been disabled. Contact Connie Rivera for any information you need.

Support for the Public Works Assistance Account

06/28/2017, Letter to the Editor: “Public Works Fund restored,” by Monica Jurado Stonier, The Columbian

06/10/2017, Guest Column: “A possible re-start for the Public Works Trust Fund,” (PDF) by Steve Young, Tri-City Herald

06/03/2017, Op-Ed: “State aims to catch up on deferred maintenance,” (PDF) by Chair Scott Hutsell, Spokane Spokesman-Review

06/01/2017, Op-Ed: “Update on Local Infrastructure Project Needs,” by Board Member Jerry Cummins, Union-Bulletin

05/28/2017, Op-Ed: “Public’s Trust Down the Drain,”  by Board Member KC Kuykendall, Union-Bulletin

05/24/2017, Letter to the Editor: “Thanks to legislators for funding public works programs,”  by Board Member Matt Rasmussen, Tri-City Herald

05/23/2017, Op-Ed: “Funding Infrastructure as Inexpensively as Possible,” by Board Member Jerry Cummins, Union-Bulletin

AWC: “Funding the Public Works Trust Fund,” 04/12/2017 (video) Over the past several years, the Legislature has responded to the economic recession by diverting infrastructure funds to basic government. Learn more about the need for the Senate and House to fund the Public Works Trust Fund by watching this video.

AWC: Local Infrastructure Issue Brief Public Works loan repayments should be a permanent base to rebuild and infrastructure partnership, not a one-time shot in the arm to the operating budget.

2017 WPUDA Policy Position, WPUDA Supports Restoration of Funding to the Public Works Trust Fund

09/16/2016, Letter from the Public Works Board to Director Bonlender (PDF)

05/31/2016, North City Water District, “Schools AND Infrastructure”

October 2015, Stan Finkelstein, Board Chair, “Reflections on the Public Works Assistance Account” (PDF)

05/14/2014, North City Water District, “Infrastructure and Washington’s Public Works Board”

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