PWB Board Members
The Public Works Board. From left to right: Vice Chair JC Baldwin, Jerry Cummins, Mary Margaret Haugen, Matt Rasmussen, Lisa Ayers, Mark Scott, Pam Carter, Chair Scott Hutsell, Diane Pottinger, and KC Kuykendall.

Board Information

The Legislature created the Public Works Board in partnership with local governments. Its task is to assist local governments in addressing local infrastructure needs. The Public Works Board operates a revolving loan program funded by a dedicated local funding pool. A citizens’ board comprised of local infrastructure representatives manages the Public Works Board.

The mission of the Public Works Board is to empower Washington communities to build and maintain sustainable infrastructure.

Board Responsibilities:
The Public Works Board administers four programs. The primary purpose of these programs is to provide assistance to local governments with infrastructure:

• Planning.
• Financing.
• Construction.
• Repair.
• Expansion.

History of the Public Works Board (PDF)

The Board derives its authority from the Washington State Legislature. It is encoded into law in the Revised Code of Washington.

RCW 43.155

RCW 70.119A.170

The Governor appoints thirteen Board members for four-year terms. Three represent counties, three represent cities, three represent special purpose districts, and four are from the private sector.

Members meet every month to review applications for financing and deal with administrative issues. The Board conducts a two-day policy retreat in the fall.

Members are encouraged to attend workshops, conferences, and meetings on behalf of the Board. Often members are part of discussion panels at these meetings. Members are also offered opportunities to attend training courses that deal with infrastructure issues.

The Honorable Scott Hutsell – Chair – Position #13, General Public

JC Baldwin – Vice Chair – Position #11, General Public

The Honorable Dr. Jeralee Anderson, PE – Position #2 – City Elected Official

The Honorable Pam Carter – Position #8, Sewer & Water District Elected Official

Mark Dorsey, PE – Position #3 – City Engineer

Senator Mary Margaret Haugen – Position #10, General Public

The Honorable KC Kuykendall – Position #1, City Elected Official

Erik Martin, PE – Position #6, County Public Works Director

Diane Pottinger, PE – Position #7, Sewer & Water District Public Works Director

Mark Scott – Position #9, Public Utility District

Senator Lisa Wellman – Position #12, General Public


Position #4 – County Elected Official (Nominated by WSAC)

Position #5 – County Elected Official (Nominated by WSAC)

Interested applicants should contact the designated nominating organizations, or Board Liaison Tammi Vellinga for more information.

Public Works Board members are appointed by the Governor of the State of Washington. View the Governor’s Boards & Commissions webpage here.

Scott Hutsell signs first PWB loan list in five years. 04-13-2018

Board Meeting Information

Next Board Meeting:

November 1, 2019

This meeting will be held at the Lacey Conference Center, located in the Washington Farm Bureau building
975 Carpenter Rd NE
Lacey, WA 98516


2019 Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Board meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.

Parking Permit Required:
All visitors to the Department of Commerce may only park in the designated Visitor Parking Area. They must display a Visitor Parking Permit on their dash. Please contact the Board Liaison to obtain a Parking Permit. For more information, please see our Visitor Parking Instructions and Parking Map.

Meeting Times:
The Public Works Board meets on the first Friday of every month at the Washington State Department of Commerce, located at 1011 Plum Street, Olympia, WA. Meetings typically run from 9:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. They are open to the public, though they are held in a secure building where signing in and out is required. Additionally, a Visitors Parking Permit is required.

Below is information and materials regarding the upcoming meeting, the minutes from the last several meetings, and the current year’s meeting schedule.

Driving Directions to the Department of Commerce

Parking Map

If you would like to be on the Public Works Board email distribution list, please send an email to

Public Works Board Staff

Connie Rivera
Program Director and Tribal Liaison
Phone: 360-725-3088

Shelley Westall
Broadband Program Director
Phone: 360-725-3162

Cindy Chavez
Budget Analyst
Phone: 360-725-3154

Arlene Escobar
Project Manager
Phone: 360-725-3015

Jason Freeze
Resource and Development Project Manager
Phone: 360-725-3161

Buck Lucas
Policy and Data Manager
Phone: 360-725-3180

Kari Sample
Project Manager
Phone: 360-725-3089

Jeff Takahashi
Broadband Program Manager
Phone: 360-725-2708

Tammi Vellinga
Board Liaison
Phone: 360-725-2744

Policy support, administrative support, and client outreach are provided for the Pubic Works Board by the Washington State Department of Commerce.