The Housing Trust Fund is periodically directed by the Legislature to produce reports on its activities. These, and any future reports required by the Legislature, can be found here.

Analysis of impediments to Fair Housing Choice

The Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice examines a variety of sources related to furthering fair housing, the fair housing delivery system and housing transactions that affect people who are protected under fair housing law.

Washington State Affordable Housing Inventory

In 2007 the Washington State Legislature instructed the Department of Commerce, then the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development, to prepare an inventory of housing assistance programs. See ESHB-1092, Sec 1031(11) for more detail.

The inventory includes:

  • All state funded programs.
  • Washington State Housing Finance Commission programs.
  • All programs funded by local governments.
  • Housing authorities.

Affordable Housing Cost Study

Department of Commerce, then the Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development, to evaluate the development costs associated with building Affordable Housing funded by the Housing Trust Fund. See Chapter 328, Laws of 2008, Sec. 1005 for more detail.

Comparing Costs and Characteristics of Housing Assistance Programs Report 09-11

Joint Legislative and Audit Review Committee (JLARC)

In the 2007-09 Biennial Operating Budget, the Legislature directed JLARC to conduct an evaluation and comparison of the cost efficiency of rental housing voucher programs versus other approaches to provide housing assistance. See SHB 1128 Sec. 103(3) for more detail.

Farmworker Housing Reports

The Farmworker Housing Program, formerly a separate program, has now ceased operations. During its operation, the Program produced a report in 2005 and in 2007.

  • Farmworker Housing in Washington State: Safe, Decent and Affordable (March 2005)
  • Farmworker Housing in Washington State: Progress to Date (December 2007)