The Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard (ESDS), now updated to Version 3.0.1, is a green building performance standard required of all affordable housing projects receiving capital funds from the state Housing Trust Fund.

Green building improves the economics of managing affordable housing, promotes environmental quality, and enhances quality of life for residents.

The Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard (ESDS) was developed in compliance with the law and contains criteria that safeguard health and safety, increase durability, promote sustainable living, preserve the environment, and increase energy and water efficiency. In addition to complying with all mandatory provisions, new construction projects must achieve 50 points from the optional criteria, while rehabilitation projects must achieve 40 points from the optional criteria.

Opportunity for Input

ESDS v3.0 has been in effect since 2016. Both the Enterprise Green Communities Standard and the Washington State Energy Code, guiding documents for ESDS, are currently being updated, thus, Commerce seeks to refresh ESDS to reflect current construction techniques.

In an effort to continue the collaborative nature of ESDS development, Commerce seeks to convene a committee of stakeholders to participate in this process. The ESDS Advisory Team (Green Team) is currently accepting applications for membership.

Updating ESDS is estimated to take approximately 10 hours per month, with regularly scheduled 4 hour meetings held monthly starting October 2019 through May 2020. Additional time will be needed to independently review and edit draft materials prior to the monthly meetings.

If the opportunity to influence a wholesale update of ESDS to address the myriad of approaches to affordable housing through publically funded construction interests you, then please:

1. Review the membership information and application documents linked below.
2. Submit the application form to Sean Harrington at

ESDS Advisory Team (Green Team) Membership Documents

If you are unable to participate on the ESDS Green Team, but would like to remain informed on the developing topics, please be sure that you are added to the HTF email address list. To subscribe, please email

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