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The Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) was formed in 1982 to respond to local economic development in Washington communities. CERB provides funding to local governments and federally-recognized tribes for public infrastructure which supports private business growth and expansion. Eligible projects include domestic and industrial water, storm water, wastewater, public buildings, telecommunications, and port facilities.

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CERB Planning Program Overview

CERB provides limited grant funding for studies to evaluate high-priority economic development projects, and rural broadband projects. When considering planning grants, the Board gives priority to projects that could result in a type of project eligible for CERB construction funds.

Eligible Activities

Projects should target job growth and long-term economic prosperity. Funding can be used for site-specific plans and studies related to:
• Economic Feasibility
• Environmental impacts
• Capital facilities
• Land use
• Permitting
• Marketing
• Project engineering
• Site planning
• Site readiness activities

Eligible Jurisdictions

Eligible Applicants include:
• Cities and Towns
• Counties
• Federally Recognized Indian Tribes
• Municipal Corporations
• Quasi-Municipal Corporations
• Public Port Districts
• Special Purpose Districts

Funding Availability

CERB offers grants for planning projects up to 80% of the total project cost, up to $100,000. The applicant must match CERB’s funding with at least 20% of the total project cost, in cash. In-kind match is not allowed for this program. Cash matches can come from any funding source, but may not come from previous CERB-funded projects.

Tier 1 – Up to $50,000 – Economic Development Activities that DO NOT qualify for CERB construction.
Tier 2 – Up to $75,000 – Economic Development Activities that DO qualify for CERB construction.
Tier 3 – Up to $100,000 – Site Readiness and Economic Development Activities that DO qualify for CERB construction.

Please contact staff to discuss your project, to determine if your project meets CERB’s requirements and what tier your project qualifies for.

Application Information

Applications for all of CERB’s funding programs are considered on an ongoing basis. The Board meets every two months to consider projects and make funding decisions.

2023-2025 Application Due Dates (PDF)

Prior to submitting an application, please print out and complete the
Planning Threshold Checklist (PDF). This will ensure that the submitted application is complete.

All economic development planning projects funded by CERB must complete the
Planning Study Economic Development Minimum Requirements (PDF) and include them in the final submitted document. 

All site readiness projects funded by CERB must complete the
Site Readiness Minimum Requirements (PDF) and include them in the final submitted document.

To see what the actual application form looks like, download the
ZoomGrants Planning Program Application Overview. (PDF)

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Do you have a project?

Potential applicants must contact staff to discuss their project, prior to receiving a link to the online application.

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