State Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Procurement Rules

RCW 43.19.648 requires state agencies and local governments to fuel publicly owned vehicles, vessels and construction equipment with electricity or biofuels to the extent practicable. The definition of practicable can be found in Chapter 194-28 WAC for state agencies and Chapter 194-29 WAC for local governments.

The rules for local governments took effect June 1, 2018. The Department of Commerce is working with local governments using more than 200,000 gallons of fuel a year, to collect data as ordered by the rules.  At this time, no reporting or requests for exemptions are being asked from local governments using less than 200,000 gallons of fuel a year.

As required by the rules, the Department of Commerce has produced a cost of ownership model that state and local agencies can use in their procurement process.  The latest version of this model can be downloaded at the Washington Alternative Fuel and Vehicle GroupSpaces site. Commerce also produced a guide that summarizes how local governments can apply the rules to their fuel and vehicle procurements.

The GroupSpaces site hosts materials for the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Technical Advisory Group (AFV-TAG).  AFV-TAG convenes policymakers, fleet managers and industry to discuss the latest technology and policy trends and to exchange experiences with alternative fuels and vehicles.  AFV-TAG meetings are typically from 9-12 on the third Friday of every odd-numbered month in Olympia, with remote participation options available.  You may sign up for AFV-TAG announcements here.


Local Government Rulemaking

Commerce organized an advisory committee including of representatives from governments, ports and public utilities, fire, parks, school and transit districts. Final rules were proposed in July 2015. Based on comments received, Commerce continued work with the advisory committee and adjusted the rules. A final public hearing was on July 14, 2016. Minutes and materials from these meetings are posted below.

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Chapter 194-29 WAC – Practicable use of electricity and biofuels to fuel local government vehicles

Per RCW 43.325.080 – Commerce established rules for how local governments are to meet the requirements set forth in RCW 43.19.648 regarding procurement of alternative fuels and vehicles. Final adoption was in October 2016.