Research Services Team

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Back row from left to right: Allan Johnson, Alice Zillah, Rebecca Duncan, Kyle Siefering, Sean Ardussi, Jordan Laramie. Front row from left to right: Tammi Alexander, Ellen Hatleburg, Angie Hong, Tracy Schreiber. 

Alice Zillah

Research Services Manager

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Alice has advanced skills in project management, stakeholder coordination, and policy development. Alice is impeccable at meeting project-quality, budget, and timeline targets.

Skills: Project management, program development, stakeholder facilitation, policy research, and development

Policy area expertise: Criminal justice, mental health, human trafficking, housing, social services, economic development

Education: Certificate in Project Management, University of Washington; B.A., The Evergreen State College

Experience: Has conducted research and project coordination on topics such as human trafficking, housing, small business assistance, business models for energy efficiency, offender re-entry services, and infrastructure. Alice has been a local government fiscal note analyst for nine legislative sessions. Prior to joining Commerce she was the operations manager for a nonprofit organization and worked for the Department of Information Services, first managing the state’s videoconference network and later coordinating a key aspect of a multi-million-dollar data conversion project.

Allan Johnson

Program Manager

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Allan brings his broad experience in land-use planning, housing, and GIS skills to our agency for work on the Puget Sound Mapping Project, fiscal notes, and other research projects.

Skills: Project management, policy analysis, demographic research, spatial trend analysis, facilitation and public participation

Policy area expertise: Land-use planning, housing policy, spatial information, demographics

Education: M.U.P. in Urban Planning, Univ. of Washington; B.A. in Political Science, Idaho State U.; AAS in Geographic Information Systems, GRCC

Experience: Over 20 years of comprehensive planning, affordable housing, GIS and census/demographic experience and has worked for jurisdictions and agencies that include Shoreline, Renton, King County, and the U.S. Census Bureau. 

At Commerce Allan has managed the development of an integrated map of zoning and development throughout the Puget Sound. In addition, he has led efforts on the state’s Consolidated Plan to guide the use of federal Housing and Urban Development funds. He is the lead local government fiscal note analyst on land use, housing, and related issues and manages the Bond Cap Allocation Program.

Angie Hong

Contracts and Procurement Lead and Program Manager

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Angie is a highly skilled project and contract manager, experienced in facilitation, communications, and process improvement. She is passionate about cultural appreciation and delivering impeccable customer service informed by LEAN principles.

Skills: Policy and geographic analyses, risk analysis, technical writing, facilitation, stakeholder engagement, project management, contract management

Policy Area of Expertise: Environmental policy, public health policy and natural resource management, local government taxes and finance

Education: B.S. in Environmental Health, School of Public Health, University of Washington

Experience: Served in the US Army as a chemical specialist in the field of emergency response and risk analysis. Angie was a practitioner in the public health field in the areas of toxicology, hazardous wastes and sanitation. With the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, she conducted research, wrote conservation management and implementation plans, managed recreational contracts on state aquatic lands and facilitated public meetings, workshops and open houses.

In Research Services, she coordinates financial feasibility reviews for Public Facilities Districts, coordinates competitive procurements, manages legal agreements, billing, and communications, while analyzing the fiscal impacts of proposed tax legislation on local governments each legislative session.

Tammi Alexander

Program Manager

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Tammi has a decade of experience in stakeholder engagement and data analysis. She also has excellent communication skills. Tammi prides herself on building meaningful professional relationships and providing great customer service.

Skills: Project management, database development, stakeholder engagement, policy research, and data analysis

Policy area expertise: Higher education, insurance, healthcare, social services, criminal law, family law, boards/commissions, vital statistics, and infrastructure financing

Education: Master of Business Administration with minor in Sociology, Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Texas A&M University. Tammi also attended a graduate program in sociology at King’s College in London and law school at Texas Wesleyan University.

Experience: Tammi managed a law office specializing in family law and criminal defense, worked for the State of Texas as a Foster Adoption Specialist, and taught sociology as an Adjunct Professor for Collin College and Cowley County Community College. She has experience managing a medical practice and working for a non-profit hospital as an inpatient chart analyst/vital statistics coordinator.

At Commerce, she worked as a Board Liaison for the Public Works Board; facilitating meetings, analyzing bills, evaluating applications for infrastructure financing, coordinating regional trainings, and helping develop a database for Sync (the state’s infrastructure improvement team). With Research Services she manages projects, the Bond Users’ Clearinghouse Program, and analyzes the fiscal impacts of proposed legislation.

Rebecca Duncan

Local Government Fiscal Note Program Analyst and Research Assistant

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Becca has a background in ecological policy analysis, global health and economics. She kick started her professional career with Research Services and brings a fresh perspective to working in government. Becca is a Research Project Coordinator who manages and assists with various ongoing research projects and reports, and is always eager to learn, listen and collaborate.

Skills: Policy analysis, stakeholder engagement, research, fiscal note writing and editing, data processing and innovative tool development

Policy area expertise: public health, hospitals, social services, criminal justice, housing, homelessness, economic development

Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics and Minor in Global Health, University of Washington

Experience: Becca began working within local government policy in 2019 as a Local Government Fiscal Note Analyst. She conducted research to create new tools for analysis and improve upon current data models for future legislative sessions. Next, Becca assumed the role of Research Project Coordinator, and managed the research, composition and submission of the 5-Year Consolidated Plan. She also assists with the preparation of several ongoing research projects and reports.

Prior to her time at Commerce, Becca analyzed policy with Earth Economics in Tacoma. At Earth Economics, Becca examined; the environmental and health impacts of construction and infrastructure, the effects of socioeconomic factors on health and hospitals, and she developed resources for a Washington state court case. Academically, Becca focused on health policy, connections between economic policy and community health, and immigration policies and practices.

Jordan Laramie

Local Government Fiscal Note Analyst and Research Assistant

Jordan is a practitioner in water, environmental, and natural resource public policy.  He enjoys running, spending time outdoors, and reading science fiction.

Skills: Policy analysis, demographic research, project development, and continuous process improvement.

Policy area expertise: Agriculture, Ecology, Natural Resources, and Water Resources

Education: University of Washington, B.A. International Studies and Economics.

Experience: Prior to working with Commerce, Jordan worked in the residential home remodeling and construction field in the Olympia area.  Jordan sustains a passion for the outdoors and hence pursued a career path that incorporated environmental policy, sustainability, and resiliency. He worked with the Department of Ecology’s Water Quality Program as a Budget Analyst and participated in rulemaking. He also reported on the administration of water quality permits for construction and industrial stormwater uses around the state.

At Commerce, Jordan writes local government fiscal notes within the Agriculture, Ecology, Energy, Land Use/Environment, Natural Resources, and Water Resource policy areas. He has collaborated on several projects, some of which include: the 2020-2024 Consolidated Housing Plan, the 2020 Bond Cap Biennial Report, and the Non-Traditional Workforce Report: focusing around Washington’s immigrant community and creative sector. He enjoys thorough analysis of existing and emerging environmental topics to better understand their public policy implications.