Green Economy Work Group

To address requirements as detailed in HB 1109, the Washington State Department of Commerce convened a work group regarding the development of Washington’s green economy based on the state’s competitive advantages in energy, water, natural resources and agriculture.

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The Green Economy Working Group conducted the following tasks:

Opportunities in Education and Workforce Development

  • Developed an inventory of higher education resources – including research, development and workforce training – to foster green economic development in energy, water, agriculture and forestry (natural resources).
  • Identified investment opportunities in higher education research, development and workforce training to enhance and accelerate green economic development.

Opportunities in Technology

  • Identified opportunities for integrating current and emerging technologies into and across energy, water, agriculture and forestry (natural resources) sectors of the state’s economy.
  • Identified opportunities to create and enhance use of resources, including water and energy conservation, while minimalizing environmental impacts and integrating with smart grid technologies.

Policy Recommendations for State and Local Government

  • Made recommendations for green economic development investment opportunities.
  • Identified how state government may attract private investments to build the green economy in Washington to serve local, state, national and global markets.
  • Recommended policies at the state and local government level to promote and accelerate development of the green economy in Washington state.

Who served on the Green Economy Working Group?

Members from 25 organizations representing diverse economic and environmental interests in Washington state contributed to this effort. The working group included expertise from the following types of organizations:  state government, educational institutions, private industry, regional government, local government, tribal government, non-profits, labor, and energy and utility providers.

Washington's Green Economy

The group has completed its final report to the Legislature, outlining a set of 44 recommendations and opportunities that hold strong potential to grow the state’s economy while addressing environmental challenges.

Green Economy Final Report (pdf)

Next Steps

The final report with working group recommendations has been provided to the appropriate legislative committees.