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Public Debt Database (Bond 101 Data)

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  • Covers data on bonds issued in Washington State since 2000
  • Search by issuer name, user name, or date range
  • Many official statements and bond covenants for bonds issued since 2008 can be viewed and downloaded
  • No password required

Public Debt Report (Bond 101 Data)

The GO Report (Local General-Obligation Debt Data)

Monthly Spreadsheets

Debt issue data in Excel spreadsheets are posted monthly in the right-hand bar.

Important note when reading Clearinghouse data

The Bond Users Clearinghouse makes all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data, but it has not been audited and should be read with caution.

The Washington Department of Commerce assumes no liability for any inaccuracies. We cannot guarantee full compliance with state reporting requirements, so debt issue listings may not be exhaustive.

Reported bond issue costs may not be final figures. We cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the data spreadsheets if the recipient alters the tables in any way.