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$350,000 in State Grants Awarded for Innovative Growth Management Planning




$350,000 in State Grants Awarded for Innovative Growth Management Planning

OLYMPIA, WA – The Washington State Department of Commerce today announced $350,000 in grants to help cities, counties and special purpose districts across the state with growth management planning that includes economic development.
Ranging from $35,000 to $90,000, these grants recognize and support the work of six local governments who are taking fresh approaches to growth management planning.
Uses for the grants vary but emphasize development in urban growth areas (UGAs). Some communities will use the money to develop innovative policies, regulations and incentives for housing infill, multi-modal transportation, or economic development in their urban centers. Others will use their funds to establish phasing plans for their UGA or undertake land capacity analysis and coordinated infrastructure studies in their planning areas to facilitate planning for future growth and development.
  • East Wenatchee - Joint Project $90,000 (Partners: Douglas County, Douglas County Port and Sewer District, Pangborn Memorial Airport, and East Wenatchee Water District) -propose to review, analyze and combine utility and service providers capital facilities plans to establish phasing plan to serve the UGA.
  • City of Spokane – Joint Project $90,000 (Partners: Spokane County, Spokane International Airport) Conduct a collaborative multi-jurisdictional accelerated planning effort to coordinate current adopted comprehensive plans with recent varied infrastructure studies in the West Plains Subarea.
  • Everett$45,000 – Use 2012 Buildable Lands data to determine land capacity in Everett planning area for projected 2035 population targets from the adopted 2040 Regional growth Strategy and develop innovative program to adopt reasonable measures to increase urban infill densities.
  • Wenatchee - $35,000 – Develop multi-modal transportation and economic development elements of a new subarea plan for South Wenatchee with an emphasis in sustainable revitalization of the area.
  • Burien - $45,000 – Develop innovative policies, regulations and incentives to encourage redevelopment and infill of underutilized multi-family housing properties along identified high priority corridors.
  • City of Marysville - $45,000 - Update City’s capital facilities element and identify and reassess the land use element where shortfalls are identified in the update, redesign existing database application to facilitate on-going capital facilities planning updates on an annual basis.
The Growth Management Act (GMA) competitive planning grants are awarded by Commerce through a competitive process when the Legislature appropriates funds each biennium. Commerce provides a broad menu of technical and financial assistance to local governments to help them carry out the State’s GMA mandates.
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