Public Works Board Staff

Public Works Board Staff

Policy support, administrative support, and client outreach are provided for the Public Works Board by the Washington State Department of Commerce.


Cecilia Gardener, Executive Director

Jacquie Andresen, Program Specialist

Cindy Chavez, Budget Analyst

Isaac Huang, Program Specialist

Buck Lucas, Policy and Data Manager

Britt McVicar, Communications Manager

Connie Rivera, Program Manager

Barbara Smith, Board Liaison










Map of Program Specialists

What is a Program Specialist?
Program Specialists are your representatives and advocates with the Board and other funding agencies. They know your projects and your community, and they work with you to find funding and help avoid project obstacles. They will work with you during application cycles to ensure your application meets Board requirements. They provide information on the Boards programs and services, along with other funding programs.

Why do we have them?
Program Specialists are assigned to a region within the state, and become your first contact for project assistance and funding. They apprise the Board on matters within your community (more specifically, about your loans with the Board). They will represent you at Board meetings if you cannot attend, as they have you at the core of their interest.

How can you reach them?
The Program Specialists are available during normal business hours, but many times will work with you to accommodate your work schedule.

Each region of the state has a different Program Specialist (Contract Manager) assigned to it. Find yours on the map below.

Program Links

Need help?

Cecilia Gardener
Executive Director
Phone: 360-725-3166

Jacquie Andresen
Program Specialist
Phone: 360-725-3089

Cindy Chavez
Budget Analyst
Phone: 360-725-3154

Isaac Huang
Program Specialist
Phone: 360-725-3162

Buck Lucas
Policy and Data Manager
Phone: 360-725-3180

Britt McVicar
Communications Manager
Phone: 360-725-3161

Connie Rivera
Program Manager
Phone: 360-725-3088

Barbara Smith
Board Liaison
Phone: 360-725-2744