Foreclosure Mediator Training

Some presentation materials on this page may contain opinions from various sides of the foreclosure process in general or the foreclosure mediation process. The Department of Commerce does not endorse the content or position of one presentation over another.

General Materials

  • Mediation scheduling form
  • Mediation report/Certification form
  • American Bar Association model standard of conduct for mediators
  • Stage 1 Materials

    READ ME FIRST! Activities and Certification Form
    Participants must complete a number of pre-training activities in order to fully engage in the training. This document explains each activity and contains a certification form that must be completed and submitted to Commerce.

  • Survey Results: Event Topics Survey
  • Survey Results: Mediators and DRCs Expectations and Satisfaction
  • Survey Results: Mediator Fees and Scheduling Practices
  • Survey Results: Borrower and Beneficiary Representative Satisfaction
  • RCW 61.21.005 (Definitions and Intent)
  • RCW 61.24.163 (Foreclosure Mediation Program)
  • RCW 61.24.165 (Application of RCW 61.24.163)
  • RCW 61.24.169 (Department maintains list of approved mediators...)
  • Foreclosure Fairness Program Guidelines (Jan. 2015 Revision)
  • How to fill out the Certification Form
  • Federal Regulatory Guidelines and NPV Inputs and Test
    The following materials were created by Northwest Justice Project (NJP) and Northwest Consumer Law Center (NWCLC) to help prepare you for conversations and activities during the Plenary Event. NJP and NWCLC are borrower advocate organizations in Washington. Please read the instructions document first in order to receive the most benefit from the materials and exercises.

  • Instructions for HAMP, NPV and CFPB activities
  • HAMP Servicing Guidelines presentation
  • NPV presentation
  • CFPB presentation
  • Net Present Value Test in FFA mediation (Audio script)
  • NPV scenario for FFA training
  • FDIC Mod-in-a-Box calculator
  • CFPB and FFA timeline
  • NPV and CFPB scenarios and quiz
  • NPV and CFPB quiz answers
  • Program Links

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