Alternative Fuel & Vehicle Rules for State & Local Government

RCW 43.19.648 requires state agencies (by June 1, 2015) and local governments (by June 1, 2018) to fuel publicly owned vehicles, vessels, and construction equipment with electricity and/or biofuels, to the extent practicable. The definition of "practicable," and guidelines for how agencies will be evaluated, can be found in WAC 194-28 for state agencies and WAC 194-29 for local governments.

Recently Completed Rulemaking

Chapter 194-29 WAC
Practicable use of electricity and biofuels to fuel local government vehicles

Per RCW 43.325.080, Commerce has established rules for how local governments are to meet the requirements set forth in RCW 43.19.648 regarding procurement of alternative fuels and vehicles. Rule development began in 2014 in consultation with organizations representing the various forms of local government and their members. Draft rules were initially proposed in July 2015, then withdrawn to incorporate additional feedback. Revised draft rules were filed in June 2016, and a public hearing held on July 14. Final adoption took place in October 2016.

Local Government Rulemaking

Commerce convened an advisory committee comprised of representatives from general purpose governments, ports, and public utility, fire, parks, school and transit districts. Final rules were initially proposed in July 2015. Based on comments received, Commerce opted to continue work with the advisory committee and adjust the proposed rules. A final public hearing on the rules took place July 14, 2016. Minutes and materials from these meetings are posted here:

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