New Data Reporting Requirement for Contractors

Phased Launch Begins Nov. 1, 2017

Commerce has modified our contract language and invoicing processes so we can compile data that will help us understand the impacts of our spending and analyze how best to deploy our resources in communities across the state.

Our updated invoicing process launches Nov. 1, 2017. It requires the reporting of expenditures contractors make to certain subcontractors and sub-subcontractors. The new reporting requirements are similar to some of the reporting for federal contracts, and for some state and local government contracts.

We’ve incorporated these new reporting requirements into the Reportable Expenses Template (Excel) for those contractors who submit invoices electronically or by mail. We’ve also modified our Contract Management System for those who invoice online.

The phased launch will require contractors to report information for those with whom they directly contract (subcontractors) beginning with invoices submitted on or after Nov. 1. Full implementation on Dec. 1 will include reporting to the sub-subcontractor level. This change is effective for contracts with an effective date of July 1, 2017, or later.

View the training video below that explains the new reporting requirement and process. Additional guidance about the new requirement is in Helpful Links (at right). Please contact your contract manager with additional questions

The Commerce Contract Management System (CMS) portal allows you to submit requests for reimbursement (A19 forms). You can attach backup documentation, see up-to-date balances and monitor the approval of your invoice on-line.

The new electronic reimbursement system is not yet available for all Commerce programs. Please contact your program manager for more information.

SAW is a statewide application that provides a single point of access to systems for multiple agencies. You must establish a registered SAW account before using Commerce CMS.

To set-up your Commerce CMS account:

Register for a SAW account

Submit a CMS Access Request form (PDF)

Upon approval, you will receive an email from “” with a registration code, how-to guide and instructions for login.

Contract Management System (CMS) User Manual