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Climate Change Mitigation

In the field of climate change, mitigation refers to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Many communities are taking action to reduce GHG emissions – either from their own operations or in a community-wide effort.  Mitigation measures can be incorporated into comprehensive plans, operational plans, or both.  Some communities have specific plans about sustainability. 
Information about GHG modeling tools, examples, and resources are included below.
Greenhouse Gas Modeling Tools:

In 2008 the Growth Management Act was amended to require the Washington State Department of Commerce to “…develop and provide to counties and cities a range of advisory climate change response methodologies, a computer modeling program, and estimates of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from specific measures.”  These tools are to reflect regional and local variations and the diversity of counties and cities planning under the GMA.

Commerce staff worked with a consulting team and a technical advisory team to review modeling tools and programs available in 2008, identifying the tools most appropriate for use in Washington State.  The assessment included consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of the tools.  

 Summary: Greenhouse Gas Analysis Tools Booklet

 Appendices: Greenhouse Gas Analysis Tools Assessment Appendices A-E

 Puget Sound APA Brown Bag Presentation – June 2010
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