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Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants

For higher education, local governments and state agencies  


The Department of Commerce announced $14 million in grant awards to five higher education institutions, 27 local governments and four state agencies on March 12, 2014.  These are the first awards under the 2013-2015 Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants program. 
The immediate goal of the Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants program is to stimulate Washington’s economy by creating jobs.  Longer term goals include reducing energy costs at the state’s public higher education institutions, local government facilities and state agencies, and promoting the use of Washington-manufactured solar products, including solar modules and inverters.
Looking for ways to save energy and money?
Thinking about making your buildings and street lighting more energy efficient? How about adding solar panels or a solar hot water system to your building?
The 2013 Legislature appropriated $25 million for competitive grants to higher education, local governments and state agencies.  The legislation included at least $5 million for projects using Washington-manufactured solar energy systems.  It also included at least 10 percent of each competitive round for small cities or towns.  Applicants may apply for:
• An energy efficiency grant
• A solar grant
• A combination of energy efficiency and solar grants
Next Round Information

Revised program guidelines and FAQ's for the next round of Commerce Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants will be available in mid-April 2014.  A revised grant application will be available mid-May, with applications due no later than 5:00 p.m. on September 18, 2014.
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