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Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants

For higher education, local governments and state agencies  


The Commerce Round Two call for applications for the 2013-2015 Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants program closed on September 18, 2014. Round Two guidelines were revised to place greater emphasis on cost effective energy efficiency and solar projects.
We had an overwhelming response – a total of 70 applications were received by the deadline. The total combined request for all applications was $21,769,692, greatly exceeding remaining funds available for awards in this final round of the current biennium. Of the $8,229,366 available for grants, $822,936 is set aside for small cities and towns (with a population of fewer than five thousand residents) and at least $2,101,903 is set aside for solar grants.
The immediate goal of the Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants program is to stimulate Washington’s economy by creating jobs. Longer term goals include reducing energy costs at the state’s public higher education institutions, local government facilities and state agencies, and promoting the use of Washington-manufactured solar products, including solar modules and inverters
Applications received by category (note that some applicants submitted more than one application, for example, one for energy efficiency and one for solar):
• 3 State Agencies
• 6 Higher Education Entities
• 46 Local Governments
• 7 Small Cities and Towns
This is a breakdown of the applications for energy efficiency, lighting, and solar projects:
• 58 applications for energy efficiency and/or street lighting projects
• 12 applications for solar projects
Note to Round Two Applicants: If you were an applicant for Round Two, you can access your submitted application through the following link. Applications for this round were submitted online through the ZoomGrants™ system.
Learn how your city or town may be able to save thousands of dollars a year on energy costs. Watch the video and hear some success stories.
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