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Child Care Facility Fund


The Child Care Facility Fund (CCFF) was created in 1990 to provide financial assistance through loans and grants to employers and child care businesses. The mission of the fund is to increase the availability of quality, affordable, convenient child care for working families.

Please contact the program before you begin an application to discuss your project.  

Funding Availability Information

Loan Application Notice: CCFF is not accepting loan applications at this time. Please check back next quarter for updated funding information. 

Project qualifications

All awards and commitments to lend are based on the availability of funds. Contact program staff for  information regarding the availability of funds.

Applicants must either be a licensed child care center in the state of Washington or be actively involved in the process of becoming licensed through the Department of Early Learning (DEL). Applicants may be a for-profit business or a non-profit organization. Applicants may apply for funds to either upgrade and/or expand child care services, or to start-up child care services. DEL licensed family home child care providers are not eligible for this program.

The Department of Commerce manages the Child Care Facility Fund, with application evaluation assistance from DEL.

Use of Funds

Loan funds can be used to:

  • Start or expand a licensed child care facility.
  • Make capital improvements in an existing DEL-licensed child care facility.
  • Acquire personal property for a child care facility that is depreciable under the federal tax code.
  • Purchase developmentally appropriate health and safety improvements and program equipment for child care facilities.
  • Pay for operational costs for the first three months of a new child care facility.
Funds cannot be used for:
  • Construction
  • Refinancing projects
  • Travel expenses
  • Debt incurred prior to the date of project approval
  • Political or religious purposes
  • Organizations without proper licensing


When Available Grant funds can be used to: Purchase developmentally appropriate health and safety improvements and program equipment for child care facilities, and must match the grant on a dollar-for-dollar basis with cash, goods and/or paid services.  

Application Information

Loans: Require borrowers to offer business and/or personal collateral and guarantees to secure financing, provide a fixed interest rate of five percent, and allow flexible terms tailored to the borrower's needs. The maximum amount of a CCFF loan is $100,000. The minimum amount that will be considered for a loan is generally $25,000. The maximum term for a loan is ten years.

Before Proceeding

  • Please make sure you read and understand the guidelines.
  • Contact program staff with your questions, including current availability of funds.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Child Care Facility Fund Committee four times per year.
  • Application documents are linked on this page. If you have difficulty downloading documents, please contact staff. All applications must be submitted in hard copy format, signed, and dated.  

Mail completed applications to:

CCFF Program
Department of Commerce
1011 Plum Street SE
P.O. Box 42525
Olympia WA 98504-2525

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