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Crime Victims & Public Safety


Crime victim and public safety programs work with governments, community-based organizations, and individuals to reduce the impact of crime, substance abuse, and violence. 

Our programs use advocacy, prevention, education, treatment, and law enforcement to stop violence, substance abuse, and their social impacts so that Washington's communities are the best place to work and live.

Crime Victims Advocacy

The Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA) serves as a voice within government for the needs of crime victims in Washington State. Established in 1990, OCVA serves the state by: Advocating on behalf of victims obtaining needed services and resources; Administering grant funds for community programs working with crime victims; Assisting communities in planning and implementing services for crime victims; and Advising local and state government agencies of practices, policies, and priorities which impact crime victims.

Public Safety

Public Safety Unit Programs work with governments, community-based organizations, and individuals to reduce substance abuse, violence, and their social impacts.

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