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Community Mobilization Program


The Community Mobilization Program was eliminated due to state budget cuts effective July 1, 2013.

What is Community Mobilization Against Substance Abuse and Violence

Prevention of alcohol, tobacco, drug use, and violence requires communities to become motivated to meet the challenge. Successful prevention efforts require a community find a structure and process that encourages a variety of organizations to cooperate in the delivery of prevention services. In our state the structure and process is the Community Mobilization (CM) model.


Our vision is community members participating in creating and sustaining healthy, safe, economically viable communities, free from alcohol, tobacco, other drug (ATOD) abuse, violence, and all related social issues. By promoting collaboration, cooperation, communication, commitment and cultural competency local coordinators address the problems of ATOD abuse and violence. 


Successful community-based prevention programs build upon the efforts of a variety of grassroots and locally based organizations. CM leadership stimulates change, ensuring prevention efforts are culturally appropriate and effective. One of the most important lessons learned is prevention cannot be imposed from the outside; it must be led from inside the community. We bring local leaders to the table.

Based on research

We use the Communities That Care (CTC) model in promoting the positive development of children and youth, and the prevention of substance abuse and violence. Our model is based on rigorous research from a variety of fields, including sociology, psychology, education, public health, criminology, medicine, and organizational development.

Local Partnerships

Since the beginning, local coordinators are recognized as their county’s central resource point for all prevention efforts. Community Mobilization has community coalitions working throughout the state. Programs are directly involved in many networking efforts that have developed as a result of community representatives working together to share information. This program requires an active governing board that represents the local community perspective.
Contact your local Community Mobilization provder.


We fund and support local community organizing efforts, services and projects in all 39 counties in Washington. Funding comes from the state general fund and from federal Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities grant. The program was established in 1989 by the legislature to address substance abuse and violence.
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