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Utility Resource Plans 

In order to meet the growing electricity needs of consumers, utilities estimate the amount of power needed, developing plans to meet demand. The 2006 utility resource planning law, 19.280 RCW, requires all state electric utilities to develop and update Resource Plans (RP) or Integrated Resource Plans (IRP), making them available to the public every two years. 

In addition, utilities must provide the Department of Commerce with data containing the core elements of their plan. Commerce then reports aggregated loads and resources to the legislature in December of each reporting year.

Utilities with more than 25,000 customers, that are not 100% BPA customers, must complete an Integrated Resource Plan and Cover Sheet.

Utilities with less than 25,000 customers and/or 100% BPA customers must complete a Resource Plan and Cover Sheet.

The two plan types and their associated cover sheets differ in level of detail and rigor.

The next reporting deadline is September 1, 2014.


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