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Fuel Mix Disclosure 

Fuel Mix Disclosure for 2014

As mandated by RCW - 19.29A, utilities must periodically disclose to their customers the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity sold by the utility.  Utilities annually report their sources of electricity online to the Dept. of Commerce using a web-based application developed by the WSU Energy Program.  Claims reported by utilities inform an annual utility fuel mix which is made up of declared resources, the net system mix, and the BPA fuel mixes.  Utilities then share this information with their Washington customers between one and four times per year as indicated in the RCW.

Utilities provide the following information in megawatt hours (MWh):  

  • Total electricity retail sales including power purchases necessary to cover line losses. 
  • Reliance on market power to serve retail load (also called spot market)
  • Amount of electricity purchased from BPA
  • Claims of ownership or contract output from specific generating units (i.e., declared resources)
  • Claims of ownership and retirement of Renewable Energy Credits 
  • Claims of ownership or contract output from distributed generation

What do we do with reported information?

  • Create utility reports:
    • send final report to utilities, who provide the information to their customers
    • post the reports to this webpage.
  • Combine all utility data to:
    • Create a chart showing fuel mix for the state, and
    • Create a chart showing emissions for the state.  

Annual Reports

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