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Clean Energy Fund 2 (2015-2017 Biennium)

Clean Energy Grants for Research, Development & Demonstration Match (RD&D) 

Program and Financing Guidelines.
Clean Energy Fund RDD matching grants questions and anwers
September 18, 2015 program design advisory group  Notes
Sample of ZoomGrant application for RD&D Match Grant


Clean Energy Grants to Electric Utilities (Grid Modernization)

These grants are used to match funding used to advance clean and renewable energy technologies and transmission and distribution control system improvements. Projects will enable integration of distributed and renewable resources and technology and increase reliability and resiliency. Only public and private electrical utilities that serve retail customers in Washington State are eligible for these grants. The competitive solicitation for $12.6 million in grants closed in April 2016. Commerce expects to announce successful utilities in June 2016.

Clean Energy Grants to Nonprofit Lenders
These grants match private capital used to finance revolving loans for proven energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies that currently lack access to capital. The competitive solicitation for $9.7 million in grants closed in March 2016. Commerce expects to announce successful lenders in May 2016.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Program

This is the newest program added to the Clean Energy Fund. It’s a unique combination of financing opportunities targeted to advanced solar and renewable energy manufacturing facilities in Washington state. The Department of Commerce and the Washington Economic Development Finance Authority (WEDFA) will jointly market their respective programs: Economic Development Bonds, to be issued and sold by WEDFA, are financed with loans made by private lenders to the owners of the facilities financed with the bonds. A large interest cost subsidy would be paid from Commerce to reimburse borrowers for up to 80% of the interest payments they make on their qualifying loan. Only projects approved by WEDFA for economic development bonds are eligible for the interest rate reimbursement from Commerce. Interested parties should contact WEDFA for details on this newest Clean Energy Fund program.

Clean Energy Fund 2 FY15-17

The Clean Energy Fund enables a mix of projects administered by Commerce's State Energy Office. Funding will support development, demonstration, and deployment of clean energy technologies that save energy and reduce energy costs, reduce harmful air emissions, or otherwise increase energy independence for the state.  
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