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Washington State Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness

Our sector-based economic development strategy is a reflection of the fact that we face intense international and interstate competition for good jobs. We have to be constantly vigilant about identifying opportunities and strategies for supporting existing employers and cultivating new ones in Washington -- we can’t rely on luck for the next Boeing, Microsoft or Amazon to land here.


Washington State Office of Aerospace

Washington’s aerospace industry fuels jobs for thousands of families and travel for billions of passengers each year. In addition to the world headquarters for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Washington is home to 1,350+ aerospace-related business establishments that design and manufacture products ranging from tires to bolts to in-flight entertainment systems. There is at least one aerospace-related company in 35 of Washington’s 39 counties. Our public research institutions and private firms are also leading the world in the advancement of new aerospace technologies, as well, including advanced materials, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aviation biofuels and space exploration.
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Clean Technology Sector

The Washington Clean Technology sector is working with a variety of industries to provide technologies and related production processes that will improve their environmental and business performance.
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Information, Communication Technology Sector

Washington State's ITC Sector supports and informs statewide sector specific economic development efforts by strengthening private and public collaborative efforts that support life science and global health sector partnerships in all communities across the state.
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Life Science and Global Health Sector

The Washington State life science and global health sector are leaders amongst their peers. This sector is comprised of world class research institutions, motivated and talented entrepreneurs and well-established organizations that are recognized for their breakthrough discoveries.
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Maritime Sector

Washington State’s maritime sector comprises a robust and growing set of industries that contribute to achieving the Governor’s priority goal.
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Military and Defense Sector

The Military and Defense sector, as Washington’s second largest direct public employer, just behind the State itself, and a key industry that cuts across many sectors in Washington, helps create the backbone for a strong economy through our diverse defense missions and military installations, our pioneering companies, and our military friendly communities.
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Forest Products Industry

Older than statehood, Washington’s forest products sector has provided wise stewardship of our natural resources and community sustaining, family wage jobs for over 165 years.  Despite challenges, the industry’s ability to innovate, modernize and diversify provides proof that this giant piece of Washington’s past will also play a critical role in our future

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